Thursday, January 19, 2012

Office inspiration from Pinterest

Marc and I are currently shopping for an office space in Providence, RI for Melissa Stimpson Photography and Broke Rebel. A list of our "must have's" is finding an office where we can grow and offers a wealth of inspiration. Here are the inspiration boards for our future office decor. These were built on our account Pinterest. If you have an account we would love for you to share your "Dream Office" boards in the comment section below. 

Marc's Inspiration:
I am inspired by old materials made new. I enjoy repurposing old or forgotten about materials and giving them life again. Being a New Englander we are constantly reminded that our city's have a fantastic history. That is why my dream office space will intertwine the old history of New England with the Modern touch of today.

Melissa's Inspiration:
I would just love an office environment that is an extension from our home style. A warm space that is sophisticated, feminine and a little quirky. Seeing how Marc and I will be sharing the space with our petite staff, I do understand that the office should be transitional and of course functional. Without leaving out one priority goal for me…to create a space where I can meet with clients and represent my own personal style and photography. Mixing the old with the new and a pinch of parisian flair is my inspiration behind my "Dream Office".

For our full inspiration please visit our Pinterest Page!

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